I’d take facing off with this elephant any day, over sharing a tent with a spider!

My name is Chrystina Geagan, but I go by simply Tina.  I am an African wildlife photographer, a conservationist, a filmmaker, and an African expedition leader.  Chrystina Productions is my TV production company, and we are currently filming our first TV series, The Accidental Conservationist, in Ethiopia in 2016.   I am opening a new Wildlife and Nature Photography Gallery, ROAM Gallery, scheduled to be done by 2017.
I adore animals, people, nature, the sky, wind on my cheek, and music that makes you rock out even when you are alone. These days you will find me in Africa on a perpetual safari.  I’m addicted to being charged by elephants, howled at by hyenas, and hiding under my sheets from large hairy spiders they call “flatties” on the ceilings of my tents.
I love photographing the wild, the intimate, and things off the beaten path.  Thank you for journeying with me through my lens.

I live with my Russian Balonka dog, Mabel Dodge Luhan, in Los Angeles, California, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, and in Africa I live in Botswana.